SYNPO, a joint stock company (www.synpo.cz), founded in 1952 as the Research Institute of Synthetic Resins and Lacquers, has always been a leading representative of applied research and development in the field of polymers. In 1992 SYNPO became a joint stock company which deals with:

  • the client's under contract research and development and formulation in the field of synthetic polymers, paints, composites and adhesives.
  • the production and sale of industrial paints (brand AKRYLMETAL) - see www.akrylmetal.cz.
  • the production and sale of adhesives (brand VEROPAL).
  • the production of special products (casting systems, epoxies for electro, special dispersions and adhesives etc.) 
  • the custom manufacturing of specialties in the field of polymer chemistry and nanochemistry.
  • the development of processes at pilot and manufacturing facilities.
  • the analysis of different materials and testing in own accredited laboratories.